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  • The Cereal online guide to Sydney is now live. 
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  • Table setting at Hotel 1729, a one-bedroom hotel created by Jonathan Anderson for Ruinart, using art & objects from his private collection.
  • “Marie-Louise is interested in everything and charming to everyone. Her energy draws you in. She levels with you, and infectious laughter bubbles out of her. Her fingers are never still and neither is her mind. The Italians have a word for the art of concealing the effort behind the brilliance — Marie-Louise embodies sprezzatura, and so do her hotels.” | Read our full interview with Marie-Louise Sciò:
  • “I want to create the grand hotels of the future... to create a new grand tour of Italy... properties that have a heart, a soul, and a story.” From our conversation with Marie-Louise Sciò. 
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  • Staying at August, a new hotel designed by Vincent Van Duysen.

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