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  • We speak with Tung Chiang, director of Clay Studio at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco, to discuss innovation of the potter’s simplest form: the bowl

  • Alpine Air: Exploring the art and nature of St. Moritz, Switzerland, with a visit to Badrutt’s Palace, Museum Susch, and Hauser and Wirth’s latest gallery.
  • Francis at Connolly — a group show exhibiting @francisgallery artists Jean-Baptiste Besançon, Kim Sang-In, Mari-Ruth Oda, Matthew Johnson, Paul Philp, Spencer Fung, and Yoon-Young Hur — is now on view at @Connolly in London, until the first week of January 2020. 
The show is located on the first floor salon of Connolly, at 4 Clifford Street in Mayfair.
  • “The Brion Tomb is where Scarpa laid his genius to rest: a catalogue of influences and a brilliant, almost mystical assemblage of his singular architectural ideas; the accumulated devotions of a man who dedicated his life to his craft”


From Cereal Vol.18
  • Brion Tomb, Carlo Scarpa’s final and perhaps most revered architectural work. 

From Cereal Vol.18
  • “a wall sconce illuminates the roughly textured wall from behind its cylindrical brass shade. A Chamber Pendant hangs from the centre of the ceiling, casting its soft glow against pools of shadow that retreat into corners”

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